What is Website? Know about website in just 5 Easy Steps

What is Website? – Introduction

What is a website? Technically, A website is an HTML file running in a Browser by the request of the users around the world. These Files are stored in a web server when the user request to a browser through its search box. Then the web server returns a response with some Information related to their keyword in the form of web pages. If you want to drink coffee, but you haven’t a cup and any other utensil for your coffee, you can’t drink that coffee just like that you need a website for putting any information on the internet. That information might be in the form of text, images, video and audio files.

Content Overview

  1. History of website?
  2. Structure of website
  3. Types of website on the basis of technicalities
    • Static website
    • Dynamic Website
  4. Types of website on the basis of Uses
    • Blog website
    • Brochure Website
    • Business Website
    • Corporate Website
    • E-commerce Website
    • News Website
    • Job portal website
    • Wiki Website
    • Real estate website
    • Crowd Funding Website
    • Social Media Website
  5. What is needed to create a website?

History of website

Tim Berners-Lee, A British scientist, introduces first time WWW (World Wide Web) in the year of 1989. The intention behind his launch was to connect Scientists and Professors with Automated Information around the world. In the early 90s, website was created on HTML only.

Tim Berners Lee - A British Scientist who invented World Wide Web
Tim Berners Lee – A British Scientist who invented the World Wide Web
History of website - The First website Image by Tim Berners Lee
First Website is developed by Tim Berners Lee

Structure of website

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Basic languages for creating a site are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is a Hyper text markup language which decide the complete structure of the web page. For example, you need bricks for building a home just like that you need to know at least HTML while creating a website. 

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

The Second thing is CSS, It is a Cascading Stylesheet. It is added a beauty into your website with colors, Gradients borders and Animations. For Example, Your house is made up of only bricks with no finishing. You’ll feel boring & ugly when you’re in that house. That’s why CSS was introduced for enhancing the beauty of the web pages.

JavaScript (A Client side Scripting Language)

Now after HTML & CSS you need to know about JavaScript for adding interactive features. Like you want to add a feature when user scroll your particular section of the website, so you want to display popup to your user for a few seconds. You can’t achieve this without JavaScript, that’s why JavaScript is known as the Brain of the website. These three languages is very necessary for creating a site. These languages ​​are found in all the websites.

What is website? Common Structure of a web page
Common Structure of a web page


The top bar with all the important links of the website is known as Nav-bar/Menu-bar. It consists of Logo of the website with different important links for navigating different web pages of the website.


Left Side-bar and Right-bar is kind of feature loaded horizontal bars. Most of the time, website is without sidebar. It completely depends on the owner of the website, what component he wants to display with their users. But you can see the sidebars in most of the blogging website.


This footer is a vertical bar at the bottom of the website. It contains simple text of the copyright, site name and current year. Sometimes It has links also, Everything is completely depended on the owner of the site, but few things are very common and most of the non-techie person don’t know these things

Types of website on the basis of technicalities

If we get into the types of website on the basis of technical aspects, Then we’ll get only two types here. Let’s discuss the both.

Static website

In general, a static website is kind of Manual pages for every user of the website. It contains only Front-End languages like HTML, CSS and hardly use of JavaScript. When the Owner want to add or update information of the website, It’s a Manual process with basic knowledge of Front-End languages.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is an automated website that keeps changing its information self or by the user according to its backend logics. It contains backend language with front end languages, The Most popular Backend language is PHP. Facebook was created with the help of PHP by Mark Zuckerberg.

Types of website on the basis of Uses

Every Website has their own purposes and uses and their target auditions different too. Following types will give you clear overview for understanding the types of website.

Blog website

The purpose of blogging website is to deliver information daily, weekly, and monthly in the form of blog post. Blogging website can be on any topic like lifestyle, Tech, Food, Fashion and so on.

Brochure Website

It is a static website that shows information with some graphics & text. Something Like Infographic, but It is created with the help of HTML & CSS.

Business Website

Business website are the online presence of any particular business. Its main purpose is to showcase their business online.

E-commerce Website

You can be also a customer and User of any E-commerce website, If you bought ever something online. The main purpose of ecommerce website is to sell their goods online. Example Amazon.com

News Website

The Purpose of this website is to deliver news to its users. Example bbc.com

Job portal website

Job Portal is one of the most famous website type on the internet. Its main purpose is to build connection between job seekers and job recruiters. 

Wiki Website

The purpose of wiki website is to provide information on big scale, Its kind of online Encyclopedia. The best Example of wiki Website is Wikipedia.org

Real estate website

Real Estate Website can be Very helpful for those who want to buy or rent a property in their favorite area. Example Magic Bricks

Crowd Funding Website

Crowd Funding website can be an NGO’s site, It helps for raising funds from the Internet for different purposes of mankind.

Social Networking Website

Now-a-days, Everyone is connected with their friends and relatives through a social networking website like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social Networking site is very helpful for connecting peoples around the world.

Conclusion || what is website?

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